​​​​​​​​​highlights :

  • ​​You can choose one of the all day tours listed below or pick any two of the half day tours (click here to see the half day tours). 

  • ​Typically the tours will involve approximately four hours of cycling and will be between 20km and 30km long.  There will be some uphill cycling involved on most routes. 

  • ​The route can be modified on the day, shorter or longer or with diversions as the mood on the day takes you.

  •  The tour routes have all been designed to incorporate off road cycling, mainly in the countryside, wonderful views, points of interest and plenty of photo opportunities.

  • ​Bikes, helmets, a packed lunch, water, snacks and a rain jacket will all be provided.

  • ​Free pick up from your hotel, accommodation or agreed meeting point within a 10 mile radius of Guildford.

  • ​Rather than take the packed lunch you can stop for lunch at an English country pub or café.  The food and drink at the pub or café is not included in the tour price below and would be extra.

  • ​Prices from £50 per person (see details below).

  • ​Each tour route is graded to help you with your selection:

                                               Grade 1.Easy, gentle ride.  Mostly Flat.

                                  Grade 2. Flatish with some easy hilly bits.

                                  Grade 3. Steeper or longer hills; pushing is perfectly acceptable.

The tours :

  • Town and River -                  Cycle through the heart of Guildford seeing the working town and its historic past while zipping along the river and venturing into the countryside for some woodland trails.  Lunch stop.  Ride is 28km with 300m of ascent.  Grade 1.

  • Surrey Hills Classic -                     Combining woodland trails, ancient drove roads, remote heaths, wonderful views and several of Surrey's prettiest villages this tour gently explores the beauty and attractiveness of the Surrey Hills.  Lunch stop.  Ride is 26km with an ascent of 350m.  Grade 2.

  • The Vineyard Trail  -                 Tucked away in the North Downs are a few secluded vineyards.  You will find out about them and other hidden secrets within the North Downs while enjoying some glorious views.  This tour route is hilly but then again you have all day to go as fast or as slow as you wish.  Lunch stop.  Ride is 25km with an ascent of 400m.  Grade 2.

  • A Day with the Devil  -                  Local myth has it that the Devil shaped much of the landscape in the Surrey Hills.  On this  tour we visit two significant features (you can make your own mind up on the role of the Devil)  as well as some wild heaths, large ponds and amazing panoramic views.  There is one long climb.  Lunch stop.  Ride is 27km with an ascent of 360m. Grade 3.

  • Four Peaks-                    This is the longest tour with the most climbing but you will experience the soul of the Surrey Hills on this one.  The tour travels through shaded forests rising up to the four peaks dramatically opening up to stunning views to the coast and back to the office towers of London.  Along the route you will see the impact of humans over the  centuries.  Lunch stop.  Ride is 40km and the climbs total 500m.  Grade 3.

  • Parks and Sparks -                     From manicured parks and gardens in the heart of Surrey this tour will also take you round the site of 17th Century mills and buildings used in an industry licensed by the Crown of England.   Look out for the Saxon church, a lost heath and a hidden village as we go round and up and down.  There are a few hills.  Lunch stop.  Ride is 25km and the ascent is  350m.  Grade 2.

  • On your Wey up and downs -                   Following the river out of town, past numerous locks and small bridges the flat first half of this tour is followed by a climb up the North Downs, through wooded trail opening out onto to wonderful south facing view.  Lunch stop.  Ride is 28km and the ascent is 300m.   Grade 2.

  • The P 'n' Ham -                   A vineyard, an artist's village, past one of England's most famous schools, through the valley and onto heathland.   This tour offers a cross section of Surrey today combined with open heathland and wooded trails.  Lunch stop.  Ride is 26km and the ascent is 300m. Grade 2.​

PRICES for FULL day tours:

             £140 - FOR TWO PERSON BOOKING  (£70 pp) 

             £210 - FOR THREE OR FOUR PERSON BOOKING (£70 or £52.50 pp)

             £250 - FOR FIVE PERSON BOOKING (£50 pp)

Notes on pricing:

Bookings are limited to a maximum of five participants.
If you wish to participate on your own please contact me at info@thesurreyexplorer.co.uk


        call:                              +44 (0) 7980 691257
​       email:              biketours@thesurreyexplorer.co.uk