​Morning or Afternoon Tours in the surrey hills 

​ ​​​​​​​​highlights :

  • ​​You can select one of fifteen different guided bike tours and enjoy a morning or afternoon in the Surrey Hills cycling.

  • ​Typically  the tours will involve approximately two hours of cycling and will be between 12km and 20km long.  There will be some uphill cycling involved on most routes.  Flat routes are also available and these are noted below.

  •  The tour routes have all been designed to incorporate off road cycling, mainly in the countryside, wonderful views, points of interest and plenty of photo opportunities.

  • ​Bikes, helmets, water, snacks and a rain jacket will all be provided and you will be with the Bike Tour Guide all the time.

  • ​Free pick up from your hotel, accommodation or agreed meeting point within a 10 mile radius of Guildford.

  • ​Optional visit to English country pub or café.

  • ​Prices from £30 per person (see details below)

  • ​Each tour route is graded to help you with your selection:

                                   Grade 1. Easy, gentle ride. Mostly flat.

                                  Grade 2. Flatish with some easy hilly bits.

                                  Grade 3. Steeper or longer hills; pushing is perfectly acceptable.

 The tours :

  • The Lost Heath -                    Passing through a hidden village, across a secluded heath, a visit to a monastery, the site of a Roman Villa and a view of 16th Century Tudor Manor house, are amongst the many sights on this tour.  Ride is 17km with ascent of 400m.  Grade 2.

  • Guildford Past and Present -                    Cycle along the river and through the past with a visit to many of the buildings and streets of historic Guildford. Follow this with a ride through a modern and high-tec Guildford. Ride is 15km and mainly flat with just over 200m of ascent.  Grade 1.

  • Ghosts of Guildford -                    Visit some ancient sites, a Saxon church, reminders of World War II and a couple of the best views in the North Downs on the outskirts of Guildford.  Ride is 15km with ascent of 350m.  Grade 2.

  • Lazy River -                    Lovely flat cycle out of town alongside the River Wey.  Taking in the old canal locks, bridges and water meadows.  Ride is 15km and fairly flat with less than 100m of ascent.  Grade 1.

  • High Point -                     Cycle through peaceful woodland up to the highest point in the South East of England (from half way up) for one of the best views around.  Ride is 10km with ascent of 250m.  Grade 2.

  • The Ark -                     A gentle ride through the slopes of the North Downs, the heart of the ancient iron industry and of a more recent agricultural industry.  Throw in a Mesolithic pit dwelling, a river fit to power over 30 mills and a glimpse of an unusual sailing vessel and there you have it.  Ride is 18km with ascent of 320m.  Grade 2.

  • The Old Monks -                     Heathland, woods, old bridges and the ruins of a place old monks used to work and live in.  Some great tracks and trails through the countryside.  Ride is 14km with an ascent of 200m.  Grade 2.

  • Shere Delight -                     Visit "chocolate box" villages, some wonderful old churches, the sites of two mysteries, hidden ponds.  Trails through woodland.  Ride is 16km with an ascent of 260m.  Grade 2.

  • The Lovelace Trail -                     9 of the original 15 bridges built by the Earl of Lovelace can be seen on this route that takes you through a little known nature reserve, Honeysuckle Bottom and up the ancient Sheepwalk Lane.  There will also be the opportunity to see many of the nearby Lovelace buildings all fashioned in the Earl's unique style. Ride is 13km with one long track to go up. Total ascent 335m.  Grade 2.

  • Chocs Away -                     A fairly flat ride taking in two little known heaths, an original telegraph tower from the 1820s, a disused airfield, a 12th Century Augustinian Priory and a trip along the canal. Ride is 18km with an ascent of only 100m.  Grade 1.

  • The Witch's Cave -                      Starting out from Puttenham this tour route combines some off road trails through heathland and forests with a visit to an old abbey, a peak inside a witch's cave, a fabulous view from a little known vantage point and a walk round an iron-age hill fort.  Ride is 17km with a 320m ascent.  Grade 2.

  • Babe Ruth -                     Yes, Babe Ruth did make an appearance in Surrey, and you can see where on this tour.  Also taking in three different commons, marshes and a nature reserve.  Learn of a gruesome tail from the days of smugglers and highwaymen from the cemetery, and watch out for those old petrol pumps.  Relatively flat ride of 18km with 200m of ascent.  Grade 2.

  • Pilgrims Crossing -                      Visit the spot where  Pilgrims used to cross the River Wey and the 13th Century chapel up on the hill. Follow the Pilgrims way and cycle along quiet sheltered trails back round to the river towpath.  Ride is 19km with an ascent of 315m.  Grade 2.

  • The Punch Bowl -                      The climb to the top is well worth it with views stretching for miles.  The route drops down into the punch bowl where time seems to have stopped.  There is no getting away from the tough climb on this one but the way back down has the option of being smooth or bumpy.  Ride is 14km with an ascent of 400m.  Grade 3.

  • The Lion's Mouth -                     The trails can be sandy in places (making it harder going) but the tour uncovers some unusual features hidden away in the commons.  Leftovers from World War II, a couple of ponds and the Devil's playground are all part of this tour.  There is a magnificent viewpoint half way round (well worth the scramble to the top).  Ride is 17km with an ascent of 260m.  Grade 2.

PRICES for half day tours:

              £80  -  FOR TWO PERSON BOOKING  (£40 pp) 

             £120 - FOR THREE OR FOUR PERSON BOOKING (£30 or £40 pp)

             £150 - FOR FIVE PERSON BOOKING (£30 pp)

Notes on pricing:

Bookings are limited to a maximum of five participants.
If you wish to participate on your own please contact me at info@thesurreyexplorer.co.uk

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