​You will be in safe hands with The Surrey Explorer throughout your Tour but your co-operation is essential on a number of important safety matters:

​1.   All participants will be required to provide pre-tour registration information before setting out:
·  their personal details and emergency contacts;
·  medical details / history and any current medication;
·  confirmation that they have appropriate medication/inhalers etc with them;
·  bike experience;
·  height for sizing of appropriate bike

2.   Proposed participants with no bike experience i.e have never ridden a bike before will not be allowed to participate in the Tour.

3.   Prior to setting out on the tour all participants will be supplied with, and required to wear throughout the Tour,  a bike helmet.  All helmets will have been certified as manufactured in accordance with helmet standards EN1078.  All helmets supplied will have been manufactured within the last 3 years.

4.   Prior to setting out on the Tour all participants will be asked to undertake some simple warm activity on the bikes.

5.   All participants will be provided with water for the tour and regular intake of water is recommended. 

​6.  Participants are encouraged to follow the route taken by the guide and not to seek alternative paths. 

Other safety points:

The Surrey Explorer is a qualified remote First Aider and will be carrying a first aid kit with him.  He has also completed training for Mountain Bike Leadership Level 2, and has a bike maintenance qualification so you will be in good hands.

The bikes used on each tour are hardtail mountain bikes capable of dealing with on-road and off-road conditions you will encounter on the routes.  The bikes have disc brakes and front suspension.  All bikes are replaced at least every 24 months and will undergo regular servicing.  Prior to each tour the guide will undertake a comprehensive "M" check of each bike.  The guide will also explain the basic bike functions to, and run through a final safety check with,  participants prior to setting off on the tour.  Tools necessary for roadside repairs will be carried.

After each tour the bikes will be inspected, and repaired where appropriate, before being put away in storage.

All tour routes have been mapped out and tested in advance by the guide, with any tricky sections e.g. traffic junctions, bumpy slopes, long uphill sections etc having been noted and incorporated into a tour route plan.  The tour route plan will be carried by the guide and the guide will point out any tricky sections prior to riding them.

Participants will always be given the option to walk any section that they do not wish to undertake. Each tour route plan will be designed to accommodate short cuts or exit routes should, for whatever reason, a tour have to be curtailed.

Prior to each tour the weather forecast will be checked by the guide and where rain is forecast rain jackets will be offered.  Appropriate modifications will be made to routes if the forecast weather is likely to change the degree of difficulty of the tour route.