​Long before the Tour date remember to email The Surrey Explorer with the completed pre-registration forms for all of the participants in your group. 

​The Bike Tours are mainly off-road in the Surrey Hills so appropriate footwear and clothing is essential.  Trainers, flat cycling shoes, shorts (not essential but they avoid getting trousers tangled up in the chain), at least a couple of layers and a warm fleece are all recommended. Please check the weather forecast if you can in advance.  If you are not sure what to wear please ask.

​Bring the completed Consent and Waiver forms to hand to The Surrey Explorer when you first meet up.

​Any necessary medication, inhaler, epipen (or similar) or other items critical to your well being.  

​Although a rain jacket will be provided, if you know in advance that there is a high chance of rain or showers and you prefer to bring along your own then please do so.

Some spare cash for any café or pub stops you want to build into the tour.

​Sun cream.

​Make sure your phone is charged - there are no charging points out on the hill​​.

things to bring with you

Here is your check list